With this unique bracelet, sharing information is now easier


For all

Engage and connect with others. Your e-world is just one scan away.

The product

The Bali bracelet is made of a zinc alloy. Its unique QR Code is laser engraved and covered by epoxy to make it durable and waterproof. The cord is 100% cotton and has been handcrafted in Bali, Indonesia.

Different uses

With the Bali bracelet, sharing information is now easier. In a social or business setting, or even a medical situation, what you want to share is now on your wrist.

Visible, yet secure

Wearing a Bali bracelet is a fun way to engage and connect. But no one will be able to scan it without your knowledge or approval.

How does it work?

Just scan the unique qr code on your wristband

To share some social, business or even medical information, just scan your QR Code for the first time. You will then get to the set up page where you’ll be able to customize what your QR Code should display. We have various modules to help you do that. Once you will have completed the process, you will receive an email with instructions if you want to modify/maintain your QR Code. That’s it! When your QR Code will be scanned again, what you’ve decided to share and show will simply and quickly be displayed.

Your digital universe

A window to your e-world

With the Bali bracelet, sharing your social network, your favorite video or picture, your blog or any web site is now easy and fun.

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