All your pet's details are now available around its neck, with no limitation on how much you can say


For our beloved cats and dogs

Get re-united quickly with your best friend, just in case...


The Pet Tag is aluminum based, protected by epoxy. It contains a unique QR Code and a NFC chip, both linked to the I.D web site of your animal.

Precious information

Store detailed information about your animal, about its vet and of course about you, so that you can be quickly contacted if need be.

How to use it?

Just scan your Pet Tag and enter all your details

When scanned again, the I.D page of your animal will simply appear, with all the information you’ve choosen to enter.

Your animal personal I.D site

Key information will be made available about your animal

And of course, your details will stand out so that you can be quickly re-united.

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