Don't write it, say it!


For gifts

You’re offering a gift. Don’t write your message, record it...and make a longlasting (and fun) impression.


The Flash Me sticker is 4,5 cm x 2,5 cm. Made of plastic, it will stick on every surface (including metal).

Your data

Every Sticker has a unique QR Code and NFC chip, both linked to your message.

All your information

You can link your sticker to a private video message, or a picture, or just simple text.

How to use it?

Just scan the qr code on your gift

Just scan the Sticker and record your message.
When the Sticker will be scanned again, your message will simply appear.

Your custom message

Don’t write it, say it!

With the Flashme sticker, attach a personal video to your gift, and make the right impression… yourself.

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