All your details on your child's wrist


For Kids

With the Sydney wristband, your details and how to reach you are now on your child’s wrist.


Loosing sight of a child while in a park, mall or street is every parent’s worst nightmare. The purpose of the Sydney bracelet is to make your contact details available to an adult that who can easily scan it. In such a stressed situation, your child could forget his or her name, let alone your phone number. The Sydney bracelet is here to address that.

What kind of information?

For each person that you will list, you’ll be able to enter a name, phone number and email address.

The product

The Sydney is 100% silicone and comes it 2 colors, pink or purple. It’s water resistant, and easy to wear. It’s ideal for young children from 3 to 7. The wristband is 15 cm long.

How does it work?

Just scan the unique qr code on the wristband

When you first scan the Sydney bracelet you will be prompted to enter the first name of your child and the persons to contact if need be. That’s it. Thanks to the Sydney bracelet, when scanned again, all that information will simply appear.

Your child's data

For every contact, list a name, phone number and email address.

All your details are now easily accessible on your child’s wrisbtand. No need to question him or her: reaching you will be easy and quick.

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